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Tatapela is a new company that manufactures fruit and vegetable snacks. The company stands by it’s all natural, no added sugar or sweetener, plant-based products. Just the good stuff!

Fruit and Veggie Snack Bites, Fruit Desserts, Dried Fruit Lollipops and Chili Paste. 100 % Natural, No-GMO, Gluten-Free, Handcrafted and Vegan-Friendly.

Save 25% on your first order at TATAPELA Code „WELCOME25“

Finally there are healthy snacks without additives Try it, and order today at TATAPELA.COM

Vegan snacks that will surprise you. MADE IN USA

Healthy and No Added Sugar Snacks, Save 25% on your first order CODE „WELCOME25“

Veggie Snacks from ARIZONA - Taste NOW

Fruit Snacks Nut Bites from ARIZONA - Taste NOW

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