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Baby products company with a concentration in baby safety. We like to make parenthood easier.

Shop Baby safety products for a baby-safe home at Elitebaby today!

Child Safety Locks 8-Pack

Magnetic Locks

Clear Corner Guards 12-Pack

Corner Guards

Cover Outlet Plugs

Cover Outlet Plug With Key

Rattler Animal Kingdom 6-Pack

Rattler Bunny Patch 3-Pack

Rattler Cuddly Friends 3-Pack

Rattler Farm Friends 3-Pack

Rattler Woodland Friends 3-Pack

Door Stopper Foam Guards

Diaper Backpack, Pacifier Holder Case, 2 Rattler Bundle

16 Magnetic Locks and 4 Keys, 16 Child Safety Lock Combo

8 Magnetic Locks and 2 Keys, 8 Child Safety Locks Combo

Pacifier Case and 6 Holder Clip Combo

16 Magnetic Locks and 4 Keys, 24 Clear Corner Guards Combo

16 Magnetic Locks and 4 Keys, 2 Rattler Combo

Pacifier Case, 6 Pacifier Clip, 2 Rattler Boy Combo

Pacifier Case, 6 Pacifier Clip, 2 Rattler Girl Combo

Pacifier Case, 6 Pacifier Clip Boy Combo

Diaper Backpack, Magnetic Lock, Child Safety Lock Combo

Magnetic Lock, Child Safety Lock, Clear Corner Guard Combo

Child Safety Lock Cabinet Latches 2-Pack

Essentials Child Safety Kit

Extra-Dense Corner Protector 8-Pack

Magnetic Cabinet Lock and Latch 8-Pack, 2 Keys

Safety Furniture Strap and Fastener 2-Pack

Sliding Cabinet Latch and Lock 4-Pack

Unisex Pacifier Clip Holder 3-Pack

Boy Pacifier Clip Holder 3-Pack

Girl Pacifier Clip Holder 3-Pack

Pacifier Holder Case Case 3-Pack

Elephant Rattler

Rattler Animal Friends 3-Pack

Deer Rattler

Owl Rattler

Unicorn Rattler

Cow Rattler

Moose Rattler

Purple Bunny Rattler

Pink Bunny Rattler

Green Bunny Rattler

Blue Bunny Rattler

Bath Toys and Waterwheel Shower Spray

Monster Canvas Backpack

Classic SwaddleOut

Panda Onesie

Bunny Onesie

Alice Onesie

Llama Onesie

Dragon Egg Onesie

Leon Romper

Uriel Romper

Jaden Romper

Who's the Prince Romper

Scarecrow Onesie

Tinman Onesie

Toto Onesie

Giving Tree Onesie

Car Onesie

Mr. Tee Onesie

Cloud Onesie

Lion Onesie

Dorothy Onesie

Einstein Onesie

Yeti King Onesie

Dog Bone Onesie

Shark Onesie

Dinosaur Onesie

Funny Bunny Onesie

Wild Monster Onesie

Ocean Hooded Towel and Wash Cloth Set

Vintage Bicycle and North Star Blanket

Pink Digger and White NewCastle Blanket

Hot Air Balloon and and North Star Blanket

Primrose and Indigo Crib Sheet

Moroccan Blue Crib Sheet

Herringbone Crib Sheet

Fancy Fox and Forrest Arrow Newcastle Blanket

Blue Elephants Crib Sheet

Dalmatian Crib Sheet


Outlet Protector with Key 6-Pack

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