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There is an easy way to save on the advertisements you place in major newspapers and magazines. Mail order dealers, as well as many other businesses, have been using this secret for years. What you need to do is to set up your own IN-HOUSE ADVERTISING AGENCY. This is a lot easier than it sounds, it's perfectly legal, and you don't even need to know anything about advertising.

First, think up a name for your "advertising agency" that is totally different than your current business name. Don't connect the two. This is done to convince the publications you are advertising with that the "agency" is a legitimately different business. Next, get letterhead stationery made up, with your advertising agency's name on the top. You will use this stationery for your "insertion orders." Insertion orders are simply the order blank that ad agencies use to tell the publications what ad is being placed, how many issues are being paid for, any preferred placement, etc. If you look in any stationery or office supply store, you should be able to find a standard insertion form. Take note of what information is on the form, and make yours up to look similar.

Then, when you place an ad, send your camera-ready artwork along with the insertion order. Remember, your insertion order must say it's from your ad agency, not your other business. Send them in with your payment.

Wait, how do you save 17%? Well, it's standard practice for publications to allow a 15% discount to advertising agencies. This is the primary way ad agencies make money. The other 2%? Another standard practice is to discount 2% when payment is received with the insertion order. So, when you figure the cost of the ad, deduct 17% off, and send the remainder.

A bonus to this is that, after a few times of sending payment with your order, the publication will probably offer you payment terms. This can stretch from 30 to even 90 days. You won't get the 2% discount, but you'll still get the 15%, and you can hold on to your money longer.

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