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If you ever receive one of those letters from a Postal Inspector stating that the mail order program you are promoting MIGHT be in violation of postal law or regulations, don't panic. Simply fill out the form they have enclosed and send it back in. Quit promoting that mail order program. 

A letter from the P.I. simply means quit promoting the program they have requested. I would be willing to say that most mail order programs are ordered to stop for one or two reasons. The person who originated the program promised too much and got behind on filling his orders. Or, some people became too impatient or anxious waiting to receive their order and turned in a complaint. The complaint is sent to a Postal Inspector who, in turn, sends a form letter to the person conducting the sale of the program, asking it be stopped. 

A lot of GOOD mail order programs have been stopped because of one person who complained to a postal inspector. Just one dissatisfied customer can ruin your mail order program, so keep everyone happy. Honest mistakes can happen, but remember the customer is always right. Work to fix any mistakes immediately and keep the customer informed of all progress. This, combined with honest mail order programs, will prevent those Postal Inspector letters.

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