Picking The Best Mailing Lists

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"If you are selling a coffee mug for people who are left handed, make sure the mailing list you get IS NOT of people who are right handed. A bad list is a disaster from the very beginning."

- Ben Deleon
BCI President

I can honestly say, if your product or service is good, you should receive orders from any mailing list. But, percentage wise, some will pull less than 1%. The best mailing lists pull in 20% or more! In other words, better than 200 orders per 1,000 mailing. The most important deciding factor that indicates a good list from a bad one is this: 

If you but a mailing list from a dealer who has compiled the names from his or her own customer list, the list will pull in the more orders than one that is compiled from a phone book or some other general source. And remember, the best mailing list you can have is your own. I am convinced that if a person is ACTIVE in mail order (especially if they have bought something within the past 90 days), he or she will respond to a good offer. I run a full-time mail order business but in all reality I am still an OPPORTUNITY SEEKER! I can use a good mail order plan, clip art and I still buy lots of advertising and mailing lists. So, if you will get your offers to ACTIVE people, then there is NO reason why you shouldn't get orders. If you still don't get orders, you should look further into your marketing materials and your offer. There must be some fault in one of these.

TAKE NOTE OF THIS: The best name lists you can buy are from businesses that compiled names from their own advertising programs, not from a mailing list company whose names are years old. Always inquire about this when writing to others about mailing lists. I don't think I would ever be interested in names over 60 days old.

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